Video: Led Zeppelin Honored by President Barack Obama



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Very cool.

Love Led Zeppelin, and really think highly of the democratically elected President of the United States of America.

Very cool indeed.



What's up with all the anti-obama comments? First thing, he's the president and he's honoring musicians for lifetime achievement. If your guy didn't win, that's how democracy works so suck it up. Second thing, I thought this was guitar world, not "banjo" world.


Jim Dep

This has a lot more to do with just music. This is protecting everything sacred.

Led Zep doesn't need obama, but obama needs led Zep. His agenda is to sucker people like you to into thinking he's a "cool" president. If you are not old enough to vote, you will be. An easy way to fool people is to get "hip" celebrities to have their picture taken with you and to give them meaningless awards. Obama couldn't give a rat's ass about LZ, but knows how to use them to gain power. That's what he's after and knows how to ge it. Did Zep do this photo op for free or were they paid under the table. Do you honestly know? I don't either, but I wouldn't rule it out.
Unless you think evil in the lowest form is cool, you can help by not getting lured in.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes,



Jim Dep

You people are nuts thinking that obama is "cool". He just knows how to sucker young people that haven't experienced life's challenges.

Satan at work through obama's trap and you fall right into it.



Great comments from Obama. It's good to see he knows more than politics and is hip enough to know something about Zeppelin, and even inject some humor into it.
Led Zeppelin needss to get back together and play some shows (tour) here in the USA. Whats stopping them?


Mr. O just stepped up a notch in my book. Any Zep fan can't be all bad!


Jim Dep

No Quarter is what we Americans got stuck with. No Thanksgiving dinner for Ambassador Stevens, who got shown the stairway to Heaven way too soon. Yes, having to see the lying Marxist obama getting a photo op with our beloved Led Zep was a Heartbreaker to say the least. Don't bring it on home to me, you can keep it.

I still haven't recovered from being dazed and confused from trying to understand how this bumbling evil demon got enough votes to be our president. If that's not bad enough, one of my all time favorite bands show up by invitation and have a celebration day with the devil.

Was this really an honor for Led Zeppelin to be worshiped in one of these phony house's of the holy? This event amounts to what is and what should never be. I really don't enjoy feeling sick again but I have to take a hard look to where this all leads. Tell me friends, when it comes down to the final Battle of Evermore, who's side are you on?

I still like the Immigrant Song but I will never accept the "Illegal" Immigrant Song. I'm not ok with illegal criminals on a night flight heading north, sneaking up from Mexico every day as America gets trampled under foot.

I say to you obama, your time is gonna come, along with all the evil minded people that worship you as you lead them to the gallow's pole. I'd call you a black dog, but I won't stoop that low to insult these animals I happen to love no matter what color they are.

I ask you, Led Zep, how many more times are you gonna help let this fraud of a world leader pull the wool over people's eyes? We, the loyal consumers that still buy your albums and concert tickets are stuck with this evil POS. He is a living demon that you just endorsed by embracing him in the light and looking like such good friends. When I see him on a screen, all I want to do is bean him with a tangerine. Yeah, I know, getting ready for a steady diet of the Wonton Song isn't your problem yet, but someday it might bite you in the ass. Some might call me an alarmist, but isn't that what they called Paul Revere? I'll take the British coming over the Chinese anytime.

Page, Plant and JPJ, after you leave here, what's next? Going to California? What a pathetic state that has now become under obama liberals. It's changed a lot since you wrote that great song. Instead, how about a few days of pleasure hanging out with Hugo Chavez down by the seaside looking out over the ocean? That's the way to do it, 'cause I'm sure he'd like to have his picture taken with you too. It must be nice to get filthy rich from loyal Americans along with corrupt money from dictators and then disappear to somewhere over the hills and far away.

So when the levee breaks, don't worry about a thing. You won't have to run for your life because you guys will be long gone. There will be no dancing days for us though due to the long lasting plague called the obama crunge. I don't mind the good times-bad times days of old, but what this all amounts to now is a rain song of pee getting splattered over our once glorious country. You guys were able to get out of town heading for south bound Suarez before it turned into a downpour. Anyway, it was good seeing you three again. And, as always, thanks for the custard pie.

So, how many Zep songs can you name?



Well done.



Not a huge fan of the POTUS but he did something right this time.


Sometimes you have to look past the messenger. I have no respect for BO either but have nothing but respect for LZ. All I can say is that, Led Zep deserves whatever accolades that come their way.



Sad, very sad. I love Zep, but have a hard time respecting anyone who would associate with BO.

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