Video: Led Zeppelin Interviewed on 'Late Show with David Letterman'



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Jim Dep

The next time you agree to letting the lying Marxist get a photo op with you all together to suck young people into getting behind him on his evil quest, great him with a few bars of Black Dog.
This isn't a racial comment at all. I love dogs of every color.

Merry Christmas from
Northern Colorado


Jim Dep

The president's theme is no longer " Hail to the Chief".

It is now " The Lemon Song".

Screw Letterman and obama's camel he rode in on.



Please tour again Zeppelin. Do it for the fans while you still can.



Too bad he never asked them if they have any plans to play any more shows or tour in the future.
Or it would have been really cool if they played a song right there. I mean, why not?



I hoping that since they are together again, even for American TV, that they can't help but plug-in together and create! At this stage of their lives, they are still not over the hill.
They can make new music.
Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, now 52 was inactive for 16 years and suddenly put out a strong record with his old band. These Legends can do it too.

Yes, it would be like one arm tied behind your back without Bonzo, but they have to admit that they could possibly produce much better music than what else is out there for the last 30 years. But they would probably have to use Jason, who is excellent. But why not try Neal Peart if he is available? That could make a real surprise in the music.

I wstched the whole interview last night. The band did so well with Dave's questions. Especially John to give a little if not a lot of comedy. So good!



On Saturday, Robert said that he was definitely interested in writing new material with JP and JPJ which definitely shows some hope. It seems to me that Robert just doesn't want it to be a nostalgia trip and as much as I would love to hear them do those old songs live (they did quite a bit on the Page/Plant tours in the 90s which were great!), I can't say I blame him. His voice has changed; their instruments were tuned down a full step at the 02 show. Jason played phenomenally and Jimmy has been wanting to get out and play again...I remain hopeful.

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