Video: Metallica Perform New Song, "The Lords of Summer," in Bogotá, Colombia



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Metal Concerts at Simon Bolivar Park in Bogotá... What a unique and amazing experience!!!



I thought it was great! Can't wait to hear the studio version of it with the guitars nice and loud.






Starts off decent, seems like James is singing in his 80's metal style instead of his post-metal crooning (thankfully), but then it turns into a sleeper. If it was half as long it would be better.



I guess I see why now that songs come out with music videos to introduce albums and singles. The two things that struck me were that there was no context and English doesn't work on a crowd in South America. Same thing happened at the Ultra Music Festival in Buenos Aires where the announcer guy was always talking in English and asking for the audience to get down on the ground. It's like... they don't understand and they're not appreciating this, those who do understand see everyone else isn't getting it to a significant degree and passes on sitting, thus nothing but time wasted.

Debuting this song with a Latin American audience, while the song may be well put together is just to granular in that situation to be appreciated. But on their end maybe they're just trying it out live so I can't fault them...

I immediately thought about All Nightmare Long because I love that song, but I question whether I would have taken to it as much if the music video hadn't been made.

It's strange how because in the video you're not seeing the crown respond as favorably as usual it's a drastic contrast that can influence opinion. I'll admit, it kind of sandbagged mine. Maybe it was just the production values from being recorded on a phone.



Hey man, you talk as you're the only one who knows how appreciate music. And seems to be this passionate crowd doesn't care your scheme... Relax it is just music!



Song is ok. Don't love it, don't hate it. Solo though....ugh.

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