Video: Metallica's James Hetfield Visits Guitar Center in San Francisco



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You think they make him pick up cheez its n shit off the floor at home?



Will you guys please get a lesson on his playing from HIM finally?? No "I am blah blah and let's look at James Hetfield's style" stuff. There are numerous examinations of his playing style from other people. I have yet to see Guitar World, or anyone for that matter, present a lesson from the man himself. Also considering his caliber and knowledge as a player, it would be a waste to present an artist lesson that is geared towards beginners and not include something for the more technically advanced players.



In the 80's when so much new music was going on, Metallica blasted into my life and has never left....



Hetfield also recently made a cameo appearance in a Directv ad where he gets punched over a can of soup. Where does James find the time to do all of this?


James and Metallica honestly changed my life when I was younger. They made me want to play the guitar, love and live metal.

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