Video: Motley Crue Bassist Nikki Sixx Jumps Into Crowd at Show to Confiscate Video Camera



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Well, I would be ashamed of myself if I were him. That's a really horrible way to treat your fans. Hey, Nikki, if you don't want the gig anymore I'll do it and people can take their pics and vids all day long. :D


So sad. I have been a Crue fan for years, but this really turns my stomach. It's comical to see Nikki on Twitter and Facebook saying how much he loves and appreciates his fans, then he pulls this stunt. I guess he only loves you when you're buying his latest book or Sixx AM releases. Do you know how much a damned seat up that close to the stage costs on this tour? It's ridiculous.

Whoever said earlier that live Crue is lackluster at best is absolutely right. I have been to numerous Crue concerts over the years and even bought a couple live DVDs (NOT bootlegs, Mr. Sixx...legitimate store-bought releases, so please don't assault me), and live Crue is not good. Pre-recorded backing vocals, Vince out of breath and singing every third word, Tommy's agonizingly long drum solos and endless banter with the audience wanting girls to show their breasts...

Come to think of it, after all that I wouldn't want anyone taking video of my band either...



So true. Very well put.



1. His fat old ass could barely jump in the crowd. Save that for the young lions.

2. The fans cheer as something exciting finally happened at the show. I'd be bored to tears hearing Vince's fat ass sing every other word. "He's ... one ... call ... feelgood..."

3. It takes six crew members pull shamu back on the stage.

4. Is that bass even on. Thought they'd played to a tape. Nice Epiphone. Loser.

5. Tommy should stick to beating his women and his meat and save the comments for the smart folks.



Moron. What is he now, 50? And with the same lame band? Who cares?


Sin D Fetish

Gotta ask...who then is filming the filmer that did the filming that he had a problem with?'s 2011 not '91 any longer.



hahaha! excellent point! :D



I understand Nikki for doing that. Vince Neil singing is so bad, no one would caught that on tape. You have to be drunk to appreciate a Motley Crue concert. I've been to many Crue concerts and this is always the bad thing about this band live.



Dear Nikki Sixx,

You are an asshole! You took a Neanderthal approach to something that is not really that big of a deal. I have seen many video's of your band on various sites including your own FaceBook page. These video's were filmed by fans, your fans who pay huge amounts of money to see you perform. All most want is a video souvenir. And like others have said, maybe but it on YouTube. Big deal!

What made this one so special that you had to leap into the crowd and "Taking Care Of Fucking Business" (Yeah Tommy you are a fuck head as well)? What should have happened is the person should have kicked your fucking ass.

I was a huge Motley Crue fan for years, but your music has not been the same as you try to recapture your youth. This latest act of bullshit from you brings a conclusion for me of your band and media related to you and the band.

Sorry but you are a douche bag!



That was absolutely stupid. The recording is going to look and sound terrible, so why not just let the guy film. He's obviously so high on drugs that he enjoys listening to Motley Crue, so why not just let the guy take home a little souvenir? I doubt that he's going to package it and go sell it a Best Buy.



The Grateful Dead used to provide an area at all of their shows for anyone to record the music at the show. I can't believe this never caught on. It just means more exposure and more ticket sales. Now with the digital world, this is the only way some bands are going to make it. Now with Crue, its time to leave the 80's guys. Embrace whats going on. I had some great memories from some Crue shows back in the 80's and 90's. Maybe that's what someone was trying to do, relive or capture some of those lost memories before they are gone (the band).



I've wanted to comment on this topic for a long time...

Why do bands STILL have a problem with this (bootleging)? Back before the era of digital recording people would pay big bucks for a bootleg recording of a concert (especially if it was the one YOU the fan participated in). Sure the sound (or video) as poor and at times, even barely listenable, but people would still pay, right?

Now fast-forward today, iPhones, iPads, iPods, mini-handicams, zooms, digital devices that could store dozens of hours of recordig (audi and video) at 10x the quality from 10, 15 even 30 years ago.

Artists start out wanting everyone and anyone who will listen to them PLAY! Eventually it becomes about the music to being about the money (even for the band - obviosuly).

Bands should embrace this new injection of media life as a welomed revolution! So why not? Lack of ambition? Old school mentality? Record label poicies? Fear? Whatever the reason few bands are able to capatlize on this digial era of opportuntity.

More and more bands should come to realize that A) 99% of the population dosen't care to buy (Anymore) some fuzzy, blurry, out-of-focus, amature recording of the latest concert some hipster just went to. In fact, 99% of the population would PAY legitimately for say official bootleg recordings (audio/video).

Don't believe me? Here's a list of artists that I can think of that provide official bootlegs as an extra revenue source:

Pearl Jam
Smashing Pumpkins
Ani Difranco
Linkin Park
Barenakd Ladies

There's dozens more but the point is, No one want to buy a fan bootleg recording anymore, release official live recordings and quit whinning.

Winners don't Whine - Winer!


Josh Hart

You raise a really valid point. Back when bands like Motley had to really worry about bootleggers, music was a scarce commodity. Your local record store wanted too much for an album or didn't stock it at all? You best get searching through mail order magazines or make due with a bootleg live version of the songs you want to hear.

Did anyone ever value a bootleg over the real studio album, or even an officially-sanctioned live album? Doubtful. It was just a way to get your fix when the music was scarce, which it most certainly isn't these days.

The bands you mentioned have found ways to capitalize on another, still-relevant motivation for bootlegs, and that is simply having a souvenir from a show you attended. HD camera or not, there was no way the footage that guy was shooting was going to end up being sold of a black trash bag in Chinatown. At worst, it would end up on YouTube as a very poor substitution for the real thing. When's the last time you've sat through a poor-sounding live video just to avoid the 15 second ad on the high quality version?

All that said, Nikki, channeling Axl Rose, managed to at least briefly transport us back to the days when rock and roll was dangerous and unpredictable and (in the words of Daniel Tosh) for that, we thank you.




You can't just jump in the crowd and do that. Among other things you can be sued for battery etc. If you don't want your concert filmed make sure the security knows that. And if someone is spotted, in between songs notify the security to take the camera and escort the fan out. Finally if that does not work call the camera onstage to remove the media or simply notify the crowd you are not going to continue unless you get that camera/media. I guarantee you will get that camera.


Welcome to the jungle. 



Really! WTF! He should be happy they still have fans! Not wanting anyone to video anything is like trying to screw with a limp stick!
Get out of the stoneage, Nikki! And're doing a great job!

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