Video: Ozzy Osbourne Plays "Crazy Train" with 10-Year-Old Guitarist Yuto Miyazawa



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he play better some of us



Saw this a long time ago....

This is the essence of dressing little girls up to look like Dolly Parton.

This kid will never reach this type of acclaim again and will be dead by 20 years old.....

Reminds me of 20 years ago playing in clubs and this guy brings his 15 year old kid out to where we're playing. Always a "restaurant" type bar so any age can get in and the guy is like trying to make his kid famous. We are trying to please the crowd, so we let, said 15 year old kid jam with us on a few songs.

Never fun, never that entertaining except to "dad" who is so proud of his son playing in a bar at 15 years old....



Thanks for a great clip. Seeing things like this remind me that yes, life is beautiful. Long my this kid reign!

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