Video: Paul Gilbert Shreds on Electric Mandolin



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Funny that my first comment along these lines was removed yesterday.

I think Paul was just having fun, its the person who write the post who's taking it seriously.

Fingerboard envy anyone?



The thing that nobody has mentioned is that most of the notes that he's playing are totally outside of the mandolin's range. It is a good fake, though- my guess is that 97% of your typical beer drinking Lynyrd Skinhead fans wouldn't know the difference.

"Lez heer sum Freeburd on that thang!! Hyuk hyuk hyuk!!!"



Listen to the mando and skip ahead to when he is playing the guitar - the tone is EXACTLY the same.

Love you Paul and that is probably the most convincing air mando ever played!



Gilbert probably does play mandolin, but he's just kidding in that clip. He does a fine job of miming (lip synching? fret synching?) but the neck-bending vibrato bar bit doesn't work. The maneuver doesn't line up with the bend—plus if you tried to bend a mandolin neck enough to change the pitch a half-step, the neck would snap off.




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