Video: From Sweep Picking to Banjo Rolls, Guitarist Performs 40 Guitar Techniques in One Solo



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This guitarist truly is amazing...also he has a name. Sinisa Cekic, he is a guitar instructor for GUITARMASTERCLASS.NET. It is very exciting to see him show up in Guitar World, but please recognize him by his name. He deserves all the credit he can get as he is truly a talented guitarist. Please see below his bio from the GMC site.

Thank you!!

P.S. I do not work for GMC, nor get any kickback for any of this. It is all Sinisa and we (his students) would like to see him recognized for the talented professional that he is.


"My name is Sinisa Cekic. I was born in 1964 in Obrenovac (Belgrade suburb), Serbia. I have occupied myself with music, the guitar to be more exact, since I was 15, which means almost for thirty years, 20 years professionally.

Since I perceive the guitar as an instrument of enormous musical potential, I have always been ready to explore and to expand musical boundaries.

I have cooperated with musicians of different musical orientation and interests and from all over the world. Pop, rock, jazz, folk, latino etc. are genres ideal to be explored and they open infinite number of possibilities for experimenting and creating something new - and that is art.
I have run the guitar workshop for some time. It was created for all the young enthusiasts thirsty of knowledge and of personal growth. I am often engaged as a studio musician as well."


This is really good! Let's have more of this and less GREATEST clarinetist of all time stuff!

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