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I LIKE IT ! It may not have Michael Anthony , but 'HE' stated on " That Metal Show ' that it was "HIS " decision to leave the band . Cool . I do think Wolfy is doing Ok on bass though .And I want to hear the rest of the album !



'This is the first time ever, that Ed has used any kind of compression on his guitar.'

Any form of mixing and mastering involves some form of compression of the signal, because you're mixing and mastering levels. Early Van Halen might have been live in the studio, but they were in a studio, they were engineered, eq'd, mixed and mastered. Early Van Halen albums are the best example of a shit hot genius band meeting a shit hot genius producer coming together to make it sound like they just rolled tape and jammed. That's genius and craft. And Ed's sound always changes anyway...

'I felt like Eddie was phoning in the solo; he had a chance to show everyone he's back...'

For me, there was more going on in the solo than most guitar players manage in an entire album. Yes, it's full of Ed's signature moves - the hummingbird speed picking, the false harmonics, the slur blur pentatonics, the overbends, the loop di doo taps ... but these are HIS signature moves. He invented some of them and popularised all of them, so it would be a bit odd if he didn't use them. Sounds to me like he was just letting the music flow through him. Hell, he's already redefined the electric guitar once - you expect him to do it again already?!

As for the track - didn't like it on first listen, it's grown on me and I'm looking forward to giving the new music a chance. I mean, come on guys and girls, we've got the CLASSIC Van Halen lineup back. It's never going to be like it was hearing 'Eruption' for the first time, or Spanish Fly, or waiting for each new release in anticipation because that was a moment in time for all of us and it's never going to be repeated. You don't get to rule the zeitgeist twice. But they're back now and they're making music and that's got to be cool. You really can't buy chemistry and for me, this sounds like Van Halen in a way that Sammy (bless him) never did.



It's missing something. Harmony. Maybe keyboards. I don't know what it is, but it's like it's missing a piece. Dave still has the voice, which is awesome.

Kevin Williams

My verdict: not loving the song but HOLY SHIT THE BAND SOUNDS AMAZING.



Not as bad as it is made out to be. I have a funny feeling that this may be the 'Runnin' with the Devil' of the album with its 'Eruption' yet to come.



Hmm, alot of hate on here for it. It's OK. I think the rhythm is cool. The lyrics, well they are silly - all of you who wanted Roth back - well you got him. I liked the solo. Let go of the Michael Anthony anger, he's gone. It will be interesting to hear the rest of the album. If you heard nothing but the soloing, you'd know instantly who was playing. In that way, the Van Halen sound is still in tact. A little different but it's core is still there. A clever end to the song. Nice touch.



I'm a longtime VH fan and I'm glad Diamond Dave's back. But hearing this new song left me a little flat; here's why...
It sounds like a reworked older song, which is OK, but it didn't have much bite to it; maybe it needed more work (As Eddie used to say, "There's no jape" .
With the backing vocals, it sounds more like an Extreme song than a Van Halen song; I missed Michael Anthony's vocal, which to me was really a big part of VH's backing vocals, live or in studio.

I get that the sound is not VH the way we know it; I heard everything there in a good balance, and Eddie's guitar is compressed (I'm also an engineer), but recordings today are all compressed (some more than others) and it seems that the producer is following suit. At least it's not over-chorused like the Sammy Hager era; it's a great sound, but I felt like Eddie was phoning in the solo; he had a chance to show everyone he's back, but let's see what the album will bring.

Not the greatest choice for your return single, but at least they're back.



*YAWN* I'm sorry, what were we talking about?



It was great to hear NEW Van Halen again!
After hearing it, I promptly rushed to my cd collection, and put on Steel Panther!

I'm cautiously optimistic that they released the worst song from the album first.

The mix I heard on the radio was bass heavy, and drums were low.
Missing MA's harmonies no this too.

Tattoo ...DA PLANE DA PLANE .. Da plainest VH single in years.



The video is boring and in some parts out of sync with the audio. Just like the others I was expecting more after all these years. I'm really beginning to wonder if they are creatively bankrupt. I can't see myself rocking this song on my car's stereo or jamming to it. Seriously VH?



This isn't great but it's better than Chickenfoot! This definatly could use the Michael Anthony thump. Well VH fans should be happy that they have this song to get a bathroom break when they see them live and not worry about missing a "classic"!



Sounds more like a Roth solo tune with a solo flown in by Eddie. The rhythm guitar is not very reminiscent of even Van Hagar. Alex's signature drum sound is nowhere to be found and he's barely noticeable in the song or video. I can't say I heard a bass in the track the first time through. Not terrible, but hopefully the VH sound comes through more elsewhere on the album.



Wow That Was not good



Well, i must say its a big disappointment. Im a big Van Halen fan but this is all they can come up with in all these years?

Hopefully the rest of the album is much better.



Pedestrian song. Pedestrian solo.

Hope the rest of the album is better.
Better than no VH at all.

Yes, I'm a huge VH fan (specially with DLR)
Just telling it like it is



The band is back!! Roth has his funky dancing going on...Eddie's classic smile and playing style is all there!! Alex has always been right on time with every beat and Wolfgang is finally in the big show! There's more to be seen than just this vid, Always a VH fan!! Can't wait to see more!! Roth!...stay off the high octaves :-)


Trev Morson

Second post of mine here - but the more I listen to this, the more I don't like the way Ed's guitar (notice the 'new' red kill switch) is using compression.
Last week at Cafe Wha.. Ed used his peddle board, but he wasn't using any kind of compressor pedal that night. So perhaps it was done via the mixing board in the studio? .., not sure.
This is the first time ever, that Ed has used any kind of compression on his guitar.



C'mon guys give it a break with the hatin' - I am glad to see these guys - Dave and Eddie especially making music. I for one am not expecting to hear VH I revisited but what Van Halen would sound like 30 years later. I saw them on their last tour and they were great. Stop with the Michael whining too. In the end in just about any band its the singer and the guitar player that are up front and writting the songs the band can go on and make great music with their replacements. I for one am glad to have two bands out of this Van Halen and Chickenfoot.



Sounds like your average album filler song. Eddie's solo made it a bit more pleasant, but average overall. Hope the album has better songs. Nonetheless, glad to see VH is back!


Trev Morson

I've waited so long, I'll take anything at this point, I love Ed's guitar solo, but I wish the guitars were not multi-tracked, and I don't like the keyboard stuff.

Not sure if it's the video, but Ed's guitar sound on this seems slightly compressed? ..and not as raw sounding as previous recordings.

I think this is one of those songs that grows on you, I do like Wolfie's bass playing and sound. As for vocals, yup, we miss Dave's screams and Michael Anthony's high harmonies. But overall I am pleased.



How can you not like this.
The guitar tone is the best eddies sounded since the 1984 album.
The bass sounds great can hear it,
I think this is awesome!
Glad to have Van Halen back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






I agree with El Parto. Van Halen fans wait for years for this stuff and it is monumentally bad. I love Van Halen, but damn. This just seems tired already. No energy.



Well it's old Van Halen and that's what the people want so don't complain. I would have love to see them take a new approach towards a new future, but the people don't want new they want the old. It's a shame I think a new avenue and angle would have define them as innovators of the future of rock and roll.. But for now we will have to settle with the old, but new songs Van Halen. Doesn't sounds that bad I herd worst from come backs. So cheers and enjoy...


El Parto

Wow- that is monumentally bad.

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