Video: Watch Black Sabbath's Entire August 3 Lollapalooza Set



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Wow, do I get tired of hearing OLD people say "I'm glad I got to see the original band at blah, blah, blah." News flash - nobody cares if you saw Sabbath WAAAAAYYYYY back when the earth was young. Some of us aren't as OLD as you and didn't get to experience it. We just want to see them play and we don't have a time machine. Don't be a's not good for your heart.



You make my point spot on! I guess you are one of those YOUNG people waving your arms from side to side. Ha ha! And does not care if the band they are seeing sucks. Who cares, if they suck you can say "I saw Sabbath. Wow man!" How very sad indeed. And don't be a twit -it is not good for your head.



Watching the Punters waving their arms up in the air from side to side during Snowblind, made me stop watching this money grabbing farce. What a load of old cobblers!!! Ozzy sounds like pure shit and shame on Geezer & Tony to stand on a stage as Black Sabbath without the great Bill Ward. Thank God I was young enough to see the original band at their zenith and in superb form. This show is laughable...........

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