Video: Yngwie Malmsteen Performs National Anthem at Miami Marlins Game



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I greatly respect both styles of playing and I really don't like to see them segregated (it should all just be guitar playing), but I hate to break it to those who don't want to acknowledge it... it takes a whole lot more effort and dedication to play like this than it does to play with "feeling". I've had a hunch for a while now that most of those who hate on highly technical players do so just because they don't want to admit that there's a style of playing they're lacking in and they don't want to put in the effort to learn it.


The Good Doctor

By far, Yngwie is the greatest guitarist who ever lived. Only an ass bag would say different. The 2013 Yngwie uses the material from the 1983 Yngwie as warm up.



I'm so tired of these Haters and half ass players dogging this guy.Guaranteed none of the people leaving negative comments have a quarter of as much talent,popularity,skill,or longevity as the Mastro.



I used to listen to him when he was with Alcatraz, then when his first couple of albums came out. After that...nothing. This guy is so full of himself it is not even funny. What a prick. I've heard from a guy who went to guitar school, who went to a party at his house one night, that the goofy bastard had a huge bowl of cocaine on the table and was walking around the house with a loaded 44 magnum. I know he is a shred master, and very, very technically proficient, but he totally lacks any emotional content to his music, which just wears me out. Come on man. Anyone who can play this well should be able to put some of his soul into Satriani. I can respect him for his ability...if I lived to be 200 years old I could never play like him. But he is lacking...and is an arrogant SOB.



"the goofy bastard had a huge bowl of cocaine on the table and was walking around the house with a loaded 44 magnum."

You say that like those are bad things.


El Parto

Lot's a of reverb there.



Even Yngwie couldn't put fans in the stands at that stadium.



They didn't show up because of Yngwie.

Just play it with some feeling. We know you can play a billion notes a minute, you don't have to show us with everything you do.



They didn't show up period.

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