Video: Yngwie Malmsteen Performs National Anthem at Revolver Golden Gods



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To me, this guy is ALL Flash & NO Funk!



No but I'm an american lineman and climbed a telephone pole 30' w custom Ibanez and played a more classy(true to melody) w/improv for a salute to all those innocent people who died on 9/11/2001--check it out-- or youtube "9/11 climb for freedom" No one has ever done this!



So Jimi, gone for over 40 years now, is the only guitarist allowed to play the Star Spangled Banner? Seriously? Give me a break. If every American Idol wannabe is brought out to oversing it, why not have a neoclassical guitarist overplay it with classical flourishes? Was it over the top? Yes, but it was far from distasteful.

Yngwie does have a tendency to cram too many notes into his runs when performing live, but it's not like this is a surprise. A little more restrained, this would've been absolutely beautiful. As it is, it's an interesting performance.

I don't know who that tool was announcing Yngwie, but I guess that's what you get when Revolver is involved. I'm sure the "award winner" choices were awful as well.



What a bunch of bitter and jealous wannabes...

I'd like to know who the pinhead announcer emo guy was. That's the only thing I found distasteful.



How camp was that? Dress a few fag extras up in military gear and let that dimwit Malmsteen trash the iconic Hendrix Woodstock moment once again? Not that I'm a total Jimi fan, but really, this creep has GOT to be run out of your country, hasn't he! (I'm from Australia, y'see, but a bit of an American patriot anyway). This is a completely kitsch version, without any of the poignant irony that Hendrix displayed - and any following version should be honour-bound to at least RESPECT. Maybe Malmsteen needs a refresher in US history - from the Civil War to the Vietnam days and onwards to 9/11 and Iraq. I mean, we're not dealing with trivia here, whatever your politics. It could do wonders for his touch - or could it? I feel the man has NO touch at all, no matter what the assignment.



Sounds like a self centered 16y.o. showing off his skills, absolutely horrible, a disgrace to a national anthem....



That didn't sound anything like the Swedish National Anthem ;-)


Sounds like EVERYTHING else he's ever played or recorded. All of which is very self-indulgent. He managed to turn a country's anthem into showcase solo. I agree with everybody else, technically sound, no taste at all. And somebody needs to tell Mr. 60's to stop buying clothes at the Spinal Tap Emporium! And the sideburns? WTF is it with the sideburns?



I enjoyed this clip and actually enjoyed the entire Golden Gods Show



Actually, quite amusing... You recently republished an article where Malmsteen reviewed other guitarists and his oft repeated comment was technically ok (though mostly not) but not very tastefully done! HEEELLLLOOOOO. Mr. Kettle calling Mr Pot : )



did not like it at all ...agree with razorrex


I don't know. I just didn't find it tastefully done.

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