Vintage Guitars Vs. New: When Touring, It's Best to Keep the Retro-Cool Valuables at Home



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i worked as a pawnbroker for about 5 yr`s guess where all my pay checks went !!!! unbelievable what pp walk away from these days
F.P.&L or that old guitar i DON`T PLAY under the bed /in the closet /or / the kid NEVER PLAYED/. now i have everything i wanted back in the day but couldn't $$$ sometimes ya just gotta Wait till the right time and place
i slayed the guitar dragon



" Maybe if I play these new ones enough, they will get to be “old gals” for another player out there in the future. "

Yep !! That is exactly what I think of the guitars that I buy :p ... It makes them more precious to me lolll

My father has a 73 yamaha ... I guess it is not the greatest guitar by standards, but man it sounds good !

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