Warwick Streamer LX 4 SE USA Redwood Bass



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Just read thr review of the Warwick Streamer LX 4 SE USA Redwood Bass.
In your review you state that "With a street price in the $3,500 range"
Well I can tell you all that the supposed STREET PRICE of $3500 listed in this review is BOGUS !!! Thats the LIST PRICE or MSRP Price. And remember here in the USA we do not pay that 19% VAT TAX. I know this first hand because I've purchased one of these Basses from a Music Store that was selling them on Ebay. They were Auctioning it with a $3499.99 price, with is really a list price. Eventually I purchased it for quite a bit LESS than $3500.00. Remember it's a BOLT ON 4 STRING not a NECK THRU MODEL.Seems like a lot of Sellers on Ebay are OVERPRICING Warwicks by trying to sell the Basses at LIST PRICE or MSRP pricing. Beware



I love my Warwick Corvette. Construction and finish detail is amazing. I also love the wood species and bell brass fretts.

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