Was Jimi Hendrix Out of Control During His Final Days in the Studio? Evidence Emerges on 'People, Hell and Angels'



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Scrum Drum

Like RickB wisely says, this article tries to indirectly suggest Jimi's lack of direction in the studio is somehow indicative of his generally being out of control, and therefore explains his death from recklessness with drugs. A more credibly researched article would show that Jimi's lack of focus in the studio was due to a segment of his life that never got proper exposure. He was in a battle with Michael Jeffery to separate from him after he realized Jeffery was not working in his interest. Unless Hendrix historians reflect this proper history they will never accurately relate the true reason for Jimi's behavior, including how it was reflected in his music.

Northern Bandit should be told that there are people out there who have done serious research and found out serious things regarding Jimi's death that have not been shown in public. His fuzzy rendering of this as somehow being wrongful dredging up of useless speculation is a real insult to those who have done difficult investigation of the true facts around Jimi's death. I am one of those people and can say with absolute certainty that Jimi was most definitely murdered and is one of the worst victims of injustice in human history. Sorry if that bothers people.



Jimi's work was about extending himeslef and taking chances. In this
piece he is exploring a new form of phrasing based on his style.

When he left the Experience he did so because he wanted to move beyond
pre-determined music. While I like many of his songs, he has done some improvs that are, in my mind, as great a master piece as anything ever done in musically.

I don't believe there is room to judge Jimi, he was a genius, and in
no way can a pit stop along the way hold or represent his creative

In just over 4 years, he produced enough to be released for 40 years,
who can do that?

Since Jimi predicted his death, I feel that the jury may still be out.


Alan Sells

Thanks for not making me sit thru another video commercial like yesterday to show a friend this story on Hendrix. I will not sit thru your ads anymore, nor those of other vendors. You're ALREADY making money from my being on your mailing list. Please do not cause me to ask to be removed from your mailing list.



Wasting my time reading a 3 month old article AND being forced to run some crap ad, gee thanks GW. I will be rushing back real soon....................



I certainly wasnt there, but It was my undertanding that Jimi H. didnt get a lot of extended time in the studio because he was constantly (and unreasonably) being pulled away from recording to play gigs/travel to "pay" for the construction of Electric Ladyland studios among other things.Its a wonder he got any recordings finished if that is the case.It would explain the mountain of unfinished tapes. It would be interesting to see what people who were there like Eddie Kramer think of this.As I recall, it was mitch mitchell, the drummer, who eluded to this years later [that Jimi's gig scedule was not reasonable on the verge of abuse]. Anyway, neat that there are more unheard Jimi musical ideas (as long as they dont use session players to fill in the blanks-yuk!!)



This article is poorly researched and trying to create controversy where there is none. Jimi was always known as a bad driver due to his poor eyesight, not because he was always blazed out. This was documented as early as his Army days.

The perpetuation of the falsehood of Jimi accidentally overdosing himself to death should come to a halt too. It's clearly evident that he was killed by Michael Jeffery for insurance money. Anyone with even mediocre knowledge of the death scene details can figure that out.

We don't know why jimi's music was all over the place before his death. Maybe he was frustrated. Maybe he had too many ideas at once. The only one with the real answer is buried six feet down in Seattle.


...Definetly something to concider, Iv'e read about the given details, I must admit I am complelled to agree with the Logic of all that is presented but this kind of reminds me of all the round and round that went on with President Kennedy and Kurt Cobain over their deaths and their contractors and detractors. More sad that we lost these indiviguals to the worst of conditions...then having to constantly drag up what the possibilty was for their dimise, same goes for Bon Scott's death or Jim Morrison...I think the 27 club just has a bad rap.
Of course all you have to look at is the nature of the human experience and see that for the most part we just want to belong so in the end be it good, bad or indifferent...some will always chase the ambulance and others will stop and look and the rest of us will try to cope with the loss and hope to remember the good in all. Peace!

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