Watch Nita Strauss, Alice Cooper's New Guitarist, Shred with Courtney Cox — Video



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I like the chick on the right. She's nice. She makes funny faces.



Orianthi is much better. Too bad for Alice Cooper to lose her, but I hope to see her go out and play shows playing HER music, from HER albums. A multi -talented musician, Orianthi is a good singer, song writer, and guitarist. The Alice Cooper gig was cool, but it's time to move on and let your star shine.



Kinda a bummer does this mean Iron Maidens is no more? They were a cool cover band with lots of potential I thought. Too bad they couldn't work on a LP of original material. IMO the other chick is hot as doughnut grease!



Ok, so the chick can shred with the best of them...and she just scored a stellar, possibly career making gig as Alice's main geetar slayer...and yes, she's a damn fine lookin' woman to top it all off...but c'mon, are you trying to tell me that GW couldn't find one single better video of her playing, preferrably one that DOESN'T have some douche nozzle fanboy "awwww"ing and "eeeew"ing DIRECTLY INTO THE CAMERA'S MIC while Nita and Courtney tear it up something fierce? Seriously, it makes this video nearly unwatchable for me!

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