Weekly Music Roundup: March 2, 2012



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i agree I thought it was guitar world not Guitar death,speed, black guttural vocal World..........

is this really all that is out their that promotes whats in your mag......

it's a new thing here so i'll be patient ........but hey how about 50% high gain and 50% little gain so we can see whats really out there........

not every one is mad......some peeps like to actually hear happy rock n roll

stay frosty........



PLEASE STOP THE DETUNED GUITARS AND THE SCREAMING VOCALS. All that music sucks terribly. Why does GW subject its readers to this GARBAGE? No wonder there arent any new rock guitar players worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence with all time greats. For the love of guitar music stop this crap and put bands like the ones featured out of there misery.



Sounds like someones throwing a little rage fit becuase GW didn't post something they like. Chill out dude, different people like different music. They show a variety of music on here because theres a variety of people who read or subscribe to Guitar World. Not everybody likes death metal or metalcore or any of those genres, and not everybody listens to whatever sort of music it is that you listen to, thats just how it is.



Slow week, I guess. Too bad EMI borked the Slash video.

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