Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Foo Fighters Concert



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I really hate the Westboro jerkoff's.....


These guys are old news from Topeka Kansas. Total media whoring, law degree abusing, chirstian compound living, old news. They even have music parody videos of songs by Lady Gaga on Youtube. Anything for media attention, for what? Certainly not a legitimate political career. Those who can do, those who can't criticize on talk radio, those who really can't indoctrinate their kids so they freeze their butts off street corners holding signs declaring "Foo Faghters" or something, while rocking ball hugging biker shorts and hide your crazy eyes psycho safety sunglasses. For 25 years? For real.


57 Stratman

They were going to picket the funeral of a fallen soldier here in Central NY, but they found out that a lot of Bikers are former soldiers and sailors. I think if more of us ex-military Bikers were to show up at all Military funerals, we could prevent such disrespect from taking place. Enough brothers to block off the entire route of the funeral procession really would not be that hard to enlist.


57 Stratman

These people are just a bunch of nut cases. If we all ignore them, they will quietly go away. Of course everybody waiting in line to get into the concert could bring a dozen eggs with them, hint hint...


Freedom of speech and Freedom to sing .Just don't fu**ing listening. Tune in or tune out. I like to now how he heard it in the first place.And we should be giving them a hard time using them word fag .uuu you said bad word!Shaft!bad mother shaft! they should band that guy from his church ?



No, they would even picket Stryper concerts, they are a bad example not only for christians, but to mankind, they picket military funerals all the time, they even picketed Virginia Tech after the mass murders happened there a few years back. Somebody needs to picket them.



Must be the Stryper fans is the 1984 and 1985 polls. But Foo Fighters suck anyway...dont give them any more attention than they need.



Naw, I don't picket concerts. Too busy voting in those polls. ;)


Lol. No respectable Christian church would use the term "fag" to describe gay people. And let them picket, it's not like anyone will listen to them.

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