Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Radiohead Concert, Calls Them "Freak Monkeys with Mediocre Tunes"



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Actually, they were being kind: Degenerate, Untalented, Freak Monkeys with Morbid and Socially Retarded Tunes, is a better description. In my opinion.

Lee Ward

So Pastor Yelps and misery crew are at it again. They really should listen to more doom metal, where they'll find common ground, leaving behind the oldness of raging fanaticism and stepping into the newness of life as raging fans.

Westboro Baptist has some of their own worse-than-mediocre music on their website. While Westboro parodies popular songs, I parody church hymns (where I go in depth about judgmental, hypocritical and abusive churches, the absence of God in this world, etc.) Just for example, I have a parody of "The Everlasting Arms" called "The Everlasting Fraud." Those mediocre musicians should come listen to my stuff - I'll show 'em how parodies are done!

Make me famous, Westboro! Make us all famous! Tell us all how much God hates us so that those who feel as if God hates them in this world will find solace and a sense of community (we hated ought to stick together), so that the entertainers among them will arise and bind the community together by what they share in common. Succeed in your mission to stop people from listening to "fluff" (-your- fluff) and help the real artists succeed.

Be the hot air, hmmm, wind beneath their wings, Westboro. Inspire them to greatness!



johnnycnote - Well said.

I wonder why they have never shown up at a Heavy Metal show ?
How about a Black Metal show ?

I'd love to see these morons protesting a SLAYER show. I bet there would be a spike in medical/dental visits for that flock the day after THAT protest...



Thanks, and I'd have to agree on the Slayer thing, but I think I'd want to observe from a safe distance . . .



This is definitely a curious turn of phrase: Freak monkey's (sic) with mediocre tunes keeps you busy and focused by lightness. Grammatically, there is no subject/verb agreement, making it difficult to discern the original intent of the words' author, presuming there's any sort of coherent intent to begin with.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't expect anything better from a bunch of homophobic, pseudo-christian rednecks like the Westboro posse, but old man Phelps (he's STILL alive?) and a few other members of his flock have law degrees. Maybe they had one of their barefoot and pregnant wives type it up. Or then again they could have bought them from thprestigiousus University of American Samoa, made famous by such legal luminaries as Saul Goodman.

But what really begs the question is how would they know that the Radiohead's music is "mediocre", as they allege, had they never listened to it in the first place? Maybe we're seeing the first tiny fissures appear in the mighty rock that forms the foundation of the "Church" of Fred Phelps. Soon God may smite it with a mighty blow and render it a dunghill.

Personally, we always planned to deliberately initiate a religious backlash against my band, but other heresies in the form of addictive substances foiled, or at least postponed, the Master Plan. But this is the BEST publicity a band could ask for, unless it's a gospel band . . .

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