Wet 'N Wild: Five Essential Guitar Reverb Pedals



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Pretty sure Ruban Nielson uses a Holy Grail on Flerb mode in Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "How Can You Luv Me" from their debut self-titled album.


Darth Compton

Didn't think these were suppose to be reviews, just summaries of their fave reverb pedals.



Completely agree with the comment above. These reviews are really poor. No 'con' is mentioned for any product ever. They are really just advertisements for the pedals.



I have lots of rack and pedal reverbs. My favorite is a cheap, $29 new, Behringer. It replaced an expensive rack unit for use with my Mesa Dual Rectifier, my 65 Princeton Reverb (not a reissue), my Silvertone, and many other amps. Great on vocals too.

Mark John Sternal

You skipped Carl Martin's Headroom. It's a true spring reverb in a stomp box with two separate channels. I've played a few that you mention, but in my opinion the Headroom has them beat.


Electric Ring

It's nice you guys make these lists, but these "reviews" kind of suck. There is no information on what the pluses an minuses are of each pedal, no sound clips, no videos, no indication of the range of reverb sounds you can get.

From a practical angle, how does this write up help me decide on to whether one of these pedals would scratch my reverb itch? They don't really, guess I'll have to stop clicking through these 5 essential X pedal thinly veiled advertisements.

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