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Wet 'N Wild: Five Essential Guitar Reverb Pedals

Wet 'N Wild: Five Essential Guitar Reverb Pedals

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Plus

The Holy Grail Plus from New York City-based Electro-Harmonix offers strong spring and hall reverb, a neat little Flerb feature plus a simple room reverb (That’s the “plus” in the name). Its multifunction control lets you control the decay, damping and modulation speed.

In Spring mode, the Amount knob controls the size of the spring reverb. In Hall mode, the Amount knob makes the reverb space larger and larger (You can go from a room to a large hall). And speaking of rooms, the new Room mode is a simulation of the reverb heard in small spaces. In this mode, the Amount knob controls the reverb's damping factor.

From personal experience, we can tell you that the Flerb effect is quirky but pretty cool. It’s made up of a reverb followed in series by a flanger. In this mode, the all-important Amount knob controls the rate of the Flerb’s modulation.

MSRP: $195.60 | Click here for more info on this pedal.


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