What in the World: Not (Just) Another "Flight of the Bumblebee" Lesson



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Well played but far, far too much distortion, sounds bloody awful, one thing I've learned is to back off the gain, even EVH has less gain than you'd think and he is da man!



Great lesson, Steve! Thanks for posting this. Cheers



It's very well played, and I'm not here to start some stupid, pointless 'technique vs. feel' argument. However, I think the reason I can't get into a lot of shred is that high gain, staccato-y alternate picking just gets old after awhile. Not a knock against you, but hearing an unaccompanied piece played like that just puts me off, tone wise that is. I much prefer a smoother attack generally, even if there are a million notes per second. That said, nicely done.



I wonder if it would be possible to hear this done without distortion?

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