When to Change Your Guitar Strings



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I wipe my strings after every play. I dont play that often and I always wash my hands before playing. Therefore I can get months out of my strings, I play blues and I like the sound of the strings after they loose their brightness. Years ago when I played every day or so I changed strings once a month. I have friends that play pro and change their strings after every gig. I use coated strings on my acoustic which I rarely play, so they last a lot longer. I use nickle wound 10-46 with an 18w G. Everyone has a different choice, thats what makes everyone have their own sound. Pick long and prosper!



"just try a new set of strings! You’ll be surprised at the various feel"

That's so true.

If you are bored of always playing on the same guitar all the time, try new strings ... new picks ....

It will be cheaper than buying a new guitar and the change will be more drastic than what you would normally expect.

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