The White Stripes Announce Their Breakup



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There is so much formulaic garbage out there that I'm sorry to see them go.Anyone who defies the unwritten but very real rules of the biz and is successful is ok with me.Meg,kick out some kids between projects(like Mo) and work when you want to.Jack...I look foward to all of ur new projects...Best of luck to you both.Chip710



Thank God, one less shitty band in this world!!!


oh well, I hope that Meg will continue finding success, I expect that Jack will remain an overrated emotional asshole.



I repect the Stripes decision to preserve the music the way it was intended to be. I wish more bands would follow suit. I don't think its right when bands like the Stones or Santana keep on putting out shitty albums long after their prime and charge hundreds of dollars for their tickets. These post prime bands need to lay down the sword so they can be remebered in thier glory. Not old, played out, and sold out. Have some repect for your self and more importantly the fans! Just because you can charge $800 to let people watch you roll out on stage in a wheel chair doesn't mean you should do it.

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