Why Do Experienced Musicians Make Mistakes?



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Why Do Experienced Musicians Make Mistakes? Uh, it might have something to do with being human, the humanness variable. It's unpredictable.



It's kinda of winning in sports, you can't be thinking so far ahead that you fail to execute in the HERE and NOW. Frames of knowing what is your capacity. People like "brands" to BE what they expect. So unless it's all about taking a turn blowing your wad and then just stepping back to keep the plumbing going like in Jazz or Bluegrass, get the product perfected and execute that special flavor frame by realistic frame.



I personally think mistakes are a good think. It tells me the artist is venturing out and trying something new. Not just doing the comfortable and safe thing but expressing her/himself at the moment. Its more beautiful to see somebody expressing oneself right in front of you and not really knowing how but trying to find it.



mistakes happen all the time , and believe me , no one notices . except my wife , when she's at the gig . only because she's heard us do these songs a million times .

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