Woodstock 1969: High Times



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Hendrix on the original woodstock cds is awesome. I'm getting the new documentary soon about the concert. They had some guys on tv recently talking about how they organized and filmed it with plans to release a video back then. It was really interesting to see and hear some of the funny stories that took place during and after woodstock, especially about the farmers suing those guys because their cows didn't produce milk for a while after. I can only imagine what those cows were given.



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I agree tibler os full of lies and you cannot trust him.i have gone through many articles on him but i didnt find anyone to believed but some person thinks other way round.
regards Jame Tulsa Oklahoma
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come get some fretty!!@!!
and please explain to us why you invest so much time and interests in trolling the internet and posting these types of comments on nearly all new articles about woodstock. Do they pay you that well? Or perhaps eliott pays you by other means??

there is a reason why tiber is not mentioned in the vast majority of credible articles (at least befor teh hollywood lie). it is because this guy is as full of bs as yasgurs farm was back in the good ol days.



fretblaster1972 obviously works for Eliott tiber. I have read many articles on woodstock and this guy is everywhere, adding to the propaganda surrounding the music festival. "Truth" be told, Artie Kornfeld found Yasgur's farm, and if you ask any of the woodstock co-founders, Tiber is full of lies and is trying to capitolize on everything. Taking Woodstock was a Hollywood story and is in no way factual in any means of the sense of "truth". Maybe fretblaster1972 simply does not know the truth, or maybe he just doesnt want to know the truth.



While I loved Mr. Fornatale's new book on Woodstock BACK TO THE GARDEN (although the b&w photos were not very high-quality), I feel it must be pointed out that an important part of the Woodstock '69 story is missing in this article. Woodstock would not have happened if not for Elliot Tiber - the Bethel Chamber of Commerce President who called Mike Lang and the others with an offer to use his concert permit after the town of Wallkill was looking to throw Woodstock Ventures off their land. Fornatale mentions Tiber in his book and outlines his involvement in helping to secure Yasgur's Farm as the site - and Woodstock Ventures wound up setting up offices at the El Monaco hotel (an admittedly broken-down and failing motel off Route 17B that Tiber owned with his parents). Elliot Tiber's story is told in Ang Lee's new film TAKING WOODSTOCK (based on Tiber's book of the same name) . . . and those who want an even richer sense of the beautiful vibes that Woodstock brought to a little town named White Lake near Bethel would do well to learn about Tiber's story.

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