The Yardbirds: One of the Best Gigs I've Seen This Year



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I totally agree with Brad, but I saw Yardbirds on a different tour. I saw them when John Idan was playing bass guitar and vocals. I was absolutely blown away. I met every guy in the band and got their autographs.
I said to guitarist Ben King, "You guys are a real band!"
He said, "Yep."
I said, "You guys aren't f***ing around."
He said, "Nope."
They played every song (new / old, didn't make a difference) like they meant it -- out for blood / take no prisoners.
I'll have to disagree with ttotsto's quibble. Meeting original members Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty was a big thrill for me. To fail to appreciate these guys is to fail to understand Yardbirds history. I'm just so sad that a stroke has forced Chris to retire from the band. However, pre-Clapton guitarist Top Topham (a very original member) has rejoined to fill Chris' place. I always wondered why Top hadn't rejoined sooner.



Brad excellent article but The Yardbirds have never called the song "Dazed and Confused by the title "I'm Confused". That would be Epic Records using that erroneous title on the 1971 release of Live Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page which was quickly pulled from shelf's. They've always called it by it's name when they first heard Jake Holmes perform it live back in 1967.



I saw the new Yardbirds a few years back; at the time they had Jerry Donahue on lead guitar. He, too, was a fine replacement for EC, JB and JP. And they played the Yardbirds repertoire well, with Jerry keeping the (mostly) Beck flame alive while infusing the music with some of his own originality. I enjoyed the show. My major quibble: McCarty and Dreja were arguably the least integral parts of the whole; most people would agree that the Yardbirds were the "Big 3" and Keith Relf. Without those members, this is a tribute band with the right to use the original's name.

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