Yes to Revisit Three Classic Albums on 2013 North American Tour



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Agree that they should be doing Fragile instead -- although I suppose their intent for performing Going for the One is to play Awaken. And to be honest, as much as I'd like to hear their music live again, Jon Anderson expresses the heart and soul of that group in ways that I don't think anyone else can. I can deal with the absence of Rick Wakeman, though I way prefer him over any other keyboard player on the planet -- but not the absence of Jon Anderson. Really disappointed in Chris Squire's unwillingness to bury the hatchet, whatever that's about.


This will probably be as close to the best lineup I'll ever get to see before they croak, so I'll definitely be attending. I kinda wish they would play Fragile instead of Going for the One, though. It's a much better album and would have made more sense considering those three were released in succession.


No Jon Anderson = no me.

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