Yngwie Malmsteen Lesson: Cracking the Code, Season 2, Episode 1: "Get Down for the Upstroke" — Video



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This series is GREAT!

The video above is from Season 2. I think you will enjoy "Cracking the Code" more if you watch from Season 1 Episode 1 and go forward.

After watching 2 Episodes of Season 1, I subscribed and paid for Season 1 & 2!!! ($25 for both).

The production is so slick and polished, entertaining and informative.

It was like re-living my 80's all over again. I laughed so hard at times, I had to pause.

I even posted on YouTube, that Troy had been to my yard sale because of all the posters, gear, and equipment I owned. You will find something that will remind you of hearing many artists for the first time.

Troy Grady is a great guy with MUCHO talent in both guitar and production.

My catch phrase is "It's a SIN to watch this for free!".

For $25, I have not had so much entertainment for years.

I hope you'll support Troy so he'll continue putting out a great series like this.

You may think watching Episode 1 that it is more of an advertisement for Casio, but let it warm up and get going as you will see how important of an element the SK-1 was....

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