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Yngwie Malmsteen Guitar Fail: Tech Misses His Guitar Toss

The Generation Axe tour—the same impressive collection of six-string maestros that rocked the US last spring—has announced several Asian dates that kick off in April. The tour features Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt and Tosin Abasi.Anyway, the news has us looking back at some of the highlights—of which there were many—of last year's tour, like this one.On May 2, 2016,... …

Yngwie Malmsteen Shows Off His Favorite Guitars

Lately, we've been going through some of the older Guitar World videos on YouTube—and we've been finding some pretty unusual (and often quite cool) stuff. Such as this 2008 video titled "In the Studio with... Yngwie Malmsteen." In this clip, which—we stress—was posted to YouTube November 14, 2008, Malmsteen:• shreds • shows off his studio knick-knacks • shows off his suit of armor • shows off... …

Play Like Yngwie Malmsteen: How to Master the "Sevens" Mechanic

In this instructional video, guitarist Troy Grady investigates one of the unusual asymmetrical groupings of Yngwie Malmsteen’s scale playing: a concept known as "sevens.""Although Malmsteen is known for launching a wave of interest in three-note-per-string scale playing, he is ironically a pioneer of unorthodox note groupings that fit better with his unique combination of downward pickslanting... …