Yngwie Malmsteen Discusses his Roots, His Rep and his Latest Album in this 1986 Guitar World Interview



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I met Yngwie at a gig in Seattle some 20 years ago, in the early 90's. He was headlining with 5 local bands opening, one was my brothers band "Eisenblakk", from southern Oregon. I have met many rock stars gigging around the Northwest, but the SADDEST rocker I ever met was Yngwie Malmsteen, and still is to this day. Phenominal player, NO DOUBT about that. Amazing guitarist...but he definitly is living on a plane of existance all his own. Before soundchecks, this guy turned down signing autographs from little kids who waited hours to see him, holding their pens and album covers. Swearing and cussing under his breath as he told them all to go away. C'mom dude! These are your FANS!..I saw their faces so sad as Yngwie walked away. Attitude goes a long way with me, and THAT showed me that I wouldnt buy a Yngwie album even if he played at the speed of light. Then all he did was complain during soundcheck that there wasnt any "compression in the house"...Whatever dude. He wouldnt talk to any of the opening bands, or us roadies for that matter. The show was great though and Yngwie was just AWESOME!.....He played a blues song that was so cool, that I still think about how he did it. He is a fantastic guitarist...I just wish he a was a bit nicer to the people that put him there...Then he'd be the complete package ON and OFF the stage!...BUT, again, that was 20 years ago. Hopefuly he has grown up a little since then!



Ok, let's put all this together. In first place Yngwie is a one in a million guitarist. Why? Because he invented a whole new genre, he did his own thing to become famous, people didn't search for him to make him famous. That was after. People didn't make him famous, he became famous because of his playing, it was his work, he deserves certain "titles and recognition". But certainly you have one point and that is that Yngwie should be more accesible.

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