Yngwie Malmsteen Performs "Overture" at Guitar World Studios — Video



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Beautiful soulful playing - great tone - inspiring. This has always, and still puts SRV and his clones to shame. Is Bach boring too? Get real kiddies, and grow up.

Niklas Dabolins

I can guarantee that Yngwie laughs all the way to the bank account if he reads any of the comments here. And I have never liked the way he plays but I have no need to discredit him.



Muddy tone! Not my cup of tea. I'll take Randy Jimi or Stevie over this



That's right even if it's not your cup of tea, you are still putting the mighty Yngwie along the lines of the greats such as, Randy, Jimi and Stevie. cheers.



All flash & no Funk make Yngwie a very dull boy!

Painful to listen to, complete Wanking with a capital W.



I agree with metalriffs. That 30 second clip was the intro to his show and I was already looking at my watch. I've seen Yngwie back in the day and 50lbs lighter and even then when I was more into his style of music the concert was tedious and sounded repetitive. And it's time to get rid of that 80's flamboyant pirate hair metal styling. I'm requesting a video of that 14 year old girl going toe to toe with YJM in the same room and at the end she goes "Take that you fat creepy bastard!"

Don't get me wrong he is amazingly talented and his technique at what he does is beyond reproach. It's his attitude and arrogance that is so repelling. Just like EVH who also has caught the bitter old man attitude of having to tell everyone "That's mine, I created that" at every opportunity. It really takes away from their legacy and to the kids just discovering your music its a real turn off. Fortunately I'm nearly 50 so I've seen both of these guys every step of their career.

A humble genius is the most inspiring. Both Yngwie and EVH need to step back and take a lesson from the likes of Hendrix, SRV, Eric Johnson, and Guthrie Govan. These guys are as good at their style of music or even better in some cases than YJM and EVH and they are/ were humble and thankful that they got to spend their lives and make a living pursuing their passion playing guitar.



Recently I had surgery and instead of using drugs to knock me out the anesthesiologist administered 30 seconds of Malmsteen's boring, insipid, trite, dry, tasteless, uninspiring and dreadful "music" to render me unconscious before the procedure. Thanks, Yngwie!!!



This was great thanks for posting this clip



Thank You Very Much GuitarWorld For Having Yngwie J.Malmsteen In Your Studios.I Love His Music and Style of Playing.I`m Hopeful That In 2014
You Guys Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of Yngwie Malmsteen`s Solo Career and His Landmark Album Rising Force(1984).And Please Transcribe Now Your Ships Are Burned Off Of Rising Force and Anything Off Of Alcatrazz`s Debut No Parole From Rock ´N´Roll.

Thanks In Advance !



Yawn....another sweep picking exercise from the arrogant Swede...

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