Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Gary Hoey and Bumblefoot Announce Guitar Gods Tour



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Okay, first things first:

1.) The height of arrogance can be defined when somebody calls themselves a "God of..." an "Expert in..." or a "Guru of...". Hey it may be true, but you don't say it about yourself. You let your work speak for itself, and if somebody else wants to call you that, then the accolade is deserved.

An excellent example of this is the G3 tour. Now, we all know that the G3 tour is really the cream of the crop, with Satch, Vai, Johnson, et. al. But they don't bill it as "The Guitarists that can kick everybody else's asses tour", do they? No, they've got their egos in check.

Oh, wait... Ygwie's heading up the "Guitar Gods" thing. That explains everything.

2.) Gary Hokey? Guitar God? I can't even type those in the same sentence. Gary Freakin' "you want fries with that" Hokey?

Give me a break.

Or at least give me a slot on the tour, because I deserve it as much as he does.

/rant mode off

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