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Yngwie Malmsteen

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Yngwie Malmsteen: Genius, Thief or Both?

There are only a handful of individuals who have pioneered the way music is played on the guitar, yet you would need more than both of your hands to count those who have followed in their footsteps. ... …

Yngwie, Sheehan, Others Guest on 'Guitar Masters Vol. II' Disc

Brian Tarquin and BHP productions have recently added the second volume to the critically acclaimed Guitar Masters series with Guitar Masters Volume II (via Red Eye). Produced by accomplished guitarist, composer and producer Brian Tarquin, Guitar Masters Volume II is a rich collection of rarities and classic guitar songs performed by some of the world's top players. The collection includes a... …

Born to Burn: Yngwie Malmsteen

    Born to Burn: Why I Play Guitar Originally printed in Guitar World, October 1992 Yngwie Malmsteen “At first I didn’t think playing guitar was the right thing for me to do. But after seeing Jimi Hendrix on television the day he died [September 18, 1970] I realized it was a really cool instrument to play and not wimpy at all, which was how I originally perceived it. The news happened to be... …