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vivek paliwal

Thanks for blogging.....
Apple fans are desperately waiting for the iphone 5 release so they can get their hands on the device as soon as possible and it looks like the things may be looking up for all those iphone lovers. The latest reports revealed by some tech analysts shows that Apple’s carrier partner, AT&T has confirmed that the next generation iphone 5 is now set for October launch....



Hi buddy hows it ...it's all too groovy baby!!!
always love,Mary


I love it..



I loved how he clunked the guitars all over the place. When Fender is your fanboi you can have as many of them as you'd want I guess then you start throwing them around.
I wouldn't have minded seeing a bit more variety - maybe every once in a while something that wasn't a scalloped Fender :)
Still though Yngwie is the man.

Band: http://www.descentintomadness.com



why he have so many strats?!!!


Hey Yngwie! Surely you could afford some guitar stands! lol!



I love it ! The greatest guitar player that ever walked on this planet but does not seem to own a single guitar stand ! I'm grabbing my '85 Strat and a beer and cranking my Marshall to 11 ! Love you Yngwie thanx for the music and inspiration. Michael



Is it me, or does this remind you of the scene from Spinal Tap where Nigel gives the tour of his guitars?


Scott E. Chomp


So, how many of Jimi's guitars do you have in there? Don't be shy, with a collections that vast you MUST have a few stashed in there!!! Sick, sick guitar collection. I love it! Rather, I'd love to work on it/them!

I have fabulous memories of you jamming Summerfest with Billy Sheehan in the late 80's. As always...you totally smoked! The long version of the Metal Shop buzz-saw sound from the Steeler lp was totally off the hook live!!! Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps! Keep killin it man and thanks for sharing your studio with us.

Peace-out, Scott E. Chomp!



Nothing like having a big million dollar pile of guitars in the house. I thought I'd inadvertantly started my Spinal Tap DVD there for a moment. Next up Yngwie interviews Eddie. Eddie...Yngwie...Yngwie...Eddie...



Next time you chat with Yngwie J. Malmsteen would you ask him about his perfect pitch or absolute pitch ability and if he was born with it or acquired it at an early age. Man wish I could have one of those guitars you've got quite the stash Mr. Malmsteen. Hope I get to see you again in Houston, TX. Great job whoever did the interview (Was you nervous? I would have been... lol) finally get to see my favorite musician of all time in his studio talking about his guitars and how he gets his sound just wonderful. :D Will definately be picking up the July Issue of Guitar World. w00t w00t!!



Yngwie, can you spare a few? I only have 2! One was signed by Yngwie in '98 (at a Maryland club) Love the way they are stored!!

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