Your Signature, Please: Five Essential Pieces of Signature Gear



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I had to watch a Chevy ad to read this?!?! Really?!?!?



Geez. Twice this week you have miss-used the word "Essential" in HEADLINES, no less. This gear is superfluous and anything but essential.

The title of the article implies that one NEEDS an Eric Johnson strat AND an LTD Explorer outfitted with Slash's over-priced pick-ups, playing through a wah-wah pedal and a 50 watt amp designed for metal players.

Yep. You totally NEED to toss out the pick-ups in your new EJ strat (hope you like strats, but not single coils) and replace them with Slash Humbuckers.

So you don't really care for wah-wah effects? Too bad. You HAVE TO HAVE THIS ONE. A regular wah WON'T Do. Oh yeah, and that jazz/country/jam gig you have tonight? Better lug that 50 watt van halen amp there.

This is sad. How can you call yourselves writers? I will let this rant speak for the 5 ESSENTIAL DELAY article, as well.



Agreed! Anymore if they don't have an article like this they have the 9 year old playing Metallica or some girl playing anything....

OR.... like a few days ago they reposted a 2 year old article. I know because I commented on it then, and it was dated.

Maybe they have a room full of monkeys and typewriters, and this is what we get.



"Essential" means something you cannot live without. Breathing is essential. None of the items spotlighted in this article are. Not only are they not "essential," but if I even cared to own any of them, I would. I have plenty of guitars that I do desire, along with amps, wahs, other effects. Nothing in this piece is attractive to me, much less "essential."



all i see is ltd esp's.i know people bought ltd thinking they were buying and least gibsonand fender dont try to stick by a epeiphone or sqyier by the customer .i can't even see a esp hardly oncatologs or on line



squier epiphone can not type oops


I was unaware that Fender was making the 5150 now. I thought it was a Peavey deal?


Heavy Metal Dave

It's been quite some time since Peavey has produced the 5150 amp-line.
The Peavey 5150 amps are now known as the 6505,and they still have the sonic characteristics of the classic EVH amp. They have some stomp to them...



how many people on earth thought that ESP's a American made guitar(American company)??

ESP's ARE all made in Japan,and that includes their Custom Shop
(there's only a very short period when there are ESPs made in the US)
ESP "IS" a Japanese brand



I've got an ESP Ron Wood Custom Shop from the original run of 26. It's one of the finest guitars I've ever owned. The attention to detail given by many Japanese makers surpasses most large American Companies. LTD is a whole 'nother animal.


An American Brand produced in Japan and Korea. Apple is supposedly an American brand, where are all of their products made? China. That happens, but that just goes to show it doesn't need to be made it Murica to be great.



Dude, ESP is a Japanese brand and not because they're made in Japan but because they ARE a Japanese brand
they've started out in 1975 in Japan and not until 1981 did they set up a HQ in the US but that doesn't change that fact because the company is started and owned by a Japanese

The main HQ is located in Tokyo and there are four factories in Tokyo and one in Nagoya

go check out the ESP Japan website and you know the History of ESP ,there's also a map showing every factory and facilities in Japan

due to the restrictions I can't post the site here so go check out the ESP Japan website and you know the History of ESP ,there's also a map showing every factory and facilities in Japan



Snakebyte's cousin should be Japanese-made instead of American-made.

EDIT: article corrected



Love the van halen puns lol

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