YouTube Fun with Paul Riario: Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth



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I'm not a fan of that axe the Uli's using it just doesn't appeal to my eye. Eric Johnson should have never started singing,he could and or should have hired a singer. His technique is flawless but when he sings I'm outta there lol. Martins are the undisputed acoustic heavy weights they simply kick ass. His strat had 800lb violin tone its a combination of his fingers,guitar and Dumble amp



That's when Charvel/Jackson really started the Super Strat. He should have stuck with Charvel/Jackson. But when they got bought their quality went down the crapper. Steve is one of a kind. He replaced Malmsteen and Van Halen those are some huge shoes to fill but he did a great job on both. I just got a Jackson SLQ2 and its nice but nothing like the American ones. That's the Green Meanie he had with David Lee Roth. Good tone out of the neck pick up



Alcatrazz was my introduction to 2 guitarists that I still love to this day in Yngwie Malmsteen, and Steve Vai. I was never the biggest Graham Bonnett fan (I can give him or take him) but MAN did he have some awesome guitarists working with him. I can remember the first time a friend of mine gave me a VHS tape that he had recorded "Heavy Metal Mania" the precursor to "Head Bangers Ball" on MTV. The broadcast featured the debut of Alcatrazz' Hiroshima Mon Amour. From the first note of Malmsteen's beautiful guitar, I was hooked! Check it out if you're not familiar.


Oh man Schenker has always been a bit eccentric while Uli has always been very well dressed .....both icons and a huge influence on myself.......Thanks Paul for that bro.......shred..?..


Vai is just so freakin' amazing!

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