Zakk Wylde to be Honored at Guitar World's First Ever Rock & Roll Roast



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Sharon as roastmaster. NO THANKS. Saw the clips and while Jim Norton can write some good jokes. I would rather pop in an old dvd of Rodney Dangerfield.



I see 2 things majorly wrong with this event.

You won't let anyone not invited to attend even if they were willing to pay a certain donation towards the charity? You didn't even think of offering some limited first come first serve seating to Guitar World magazine subscribers EXCLUSIVELY? And yet you have the gall to STILL try to solicit funds for this charitable cause. Seems very elitist and self-serving to me

Sharon Osbourne as the host? C'mon Guitar World, THAT was dumb. I understand her affiliation with Zakk but in the metal world she is looked at as an overbearing egomaniacal unfair bigmouth (Need I mention about her being behind the Iron Maiden egging fiasco at the Ozzfest a few years ago???).
Let me know when you are roasting Sharon Osbourne. I'll bring the apple to stick in her mouth.

Other than that, it looks cool.

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