Zakk Wylde Talks Christmas Album, Calls Axl Rose "The Last of the Great Frontmen"



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Jesus I thought I'd never lose so much respect for one person through a two paragraph interview. Is Zakk Wylde really that dumb? I guess the part of your brain that controls playing guitar isn't connected to the social awareness lobe.

First of all, a fucking Christmas album...this coming from the former lead guitarist of Ozzy, who also released a solo album called "The Book of Shadows" which included such tracks as "Evil Ways" and "Peddlers of Death".

You know there's nothing more I like to do than listen to some fine Christian Holiday tunes while sipping on some hot cocoa in front of an open flame after banging my head to some satanic metal thrash.

Secondly, Sarah Mchlaughin? Wasn't she famous for like 2 months, haha. What a joke.

And lastly but most importantly, Axl Fucking Rose?! You're talking about the guy who's such a fucking douche, Kurt Cobain refused to do the potentially biggest tour in the world with Guns n' Roses and Metallica and Nirvana all playing together, all because of Axl Rose. Axl Rose, the guy who kicked BUCKETHEAD out of the band. Buckethead is ten times better than Zakk Wylde and Slash combined, pretty much the ultimate band member, but god forbid someone take the glory away from Axl- Fuck that guy, his voice sounds like someone put a frog dick into his larnyx and shoved miss piggy's ass grease down his throat so the frog dick solidifies and contricts Axl's voice to that of a 12 year old girl. Also, just because he used Jim Morrison's name in the same sentence as Axl Rose, I vow to never listen or support anything Zakk Wylde has ever done or will do forever.

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