Zakk Wylde's Pelham Blue Bullseye Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar Stolen from Tour Bus



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I had a first run proto-type electric stolen while I was living in Seattle. Police laughed when I asked if they were going to look for it. Instrument thieves suck. Hopefully the police see a little more value in looking for Zakk's.



Lets be honest ZW didnt pay 10K for this guitar, nor did it cost 10% of that to make. Anyone who thinks it's worth that is either a moron, works for Gibson or both.



Sorry for your loss Zakk. Hopefully it'll turn up. GOOD LUCK!!!



I'd have a metal gun cabinet on the bus with gear that expensive, just sayin.



mooseboy your a primetime moron.


Attention: BLS front man Zakk Wylde desperately seeks new tour manager!!

All fun and joke aside, I had my studio space nicked once and lost a bunch of stuff: LP guitars, mics, monitors, subs, etc. The SOB's actually took my neon PBR sign!!! A-holes!!!

My new studio now resides in a bedroom in my house, guarded 24/7 by "Pit Bull" Security! They're the best!! And, they'll work for (dog) food!

Sorry for your loss, Zakky boy! Have a Smithwicks! It's St. Paddy Day!!!



That's a legitimately dickhead comment mooseboy. I doubt that Zakk cares about the price-tag. Having something stolen, especially from your "home",and a guitar hurts. Who cares if it's a first world problem?



Okay, not to discount the pain of somebody stealing an instrument, because I've had it happen to me- both an amp off of the stage, and a guitar out of the tour bus… but, having said that, here's my rant for today:

1.) $10,000 for a Gibson? Really? Who's foolin', and who's the fool?

2.) If you're dumb enough to buy a $10,000 Gibson, then don't be dumb enough to take it out on tour.

Sorry, Zakky- this is definitely a first world problem.

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