Zakk Wylde "Parade of the Dead" Lesson



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"Violent stylings of The Carpenters" F@#king hilarious.



Bro, I've been a huge fan ever since the bellbottom days shredding with Oz. Pride and Glory was some kool shit but once BLS was formed,as Oz said."You got your own gig goin what the hell does he need me for!" Order of the Black, is by far your finest work by far. I was lucky enough to see the Doom Crew 3 times for this tour. Keep kickin fuckin ass boys!! STRENGTH..DETERMINATION..MERCILESS..FOREVER



Zakk I must tell you that I was only a moderate fan of BLS. was before your new album Order Of the Black! This is the best album of the year by far! I am glad you have recovered from your serious medical condition and I voted for you on Dancing with the stars as well. You have truly grabbed life by the horns, brother.



This is a great lesson. Thank you and please provide more. Zakk is first class all the way!!!!!

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