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Zarley Wide Neck Guitars Introduces the Reserve

Zarley Wide Neck Guitars Introduces the Reserve

Zarley Wide Neck Guitars has introduced the first of its new line of wide-neck guitars, the Reserve.

Simply put, the Reserve is designed for guitarists with bigger hands. The neck width is increased to 1 7/8” (47.625mm) at the nut, providing an increased string spacing of 0.315” (8mm) for execution of single-note runs.

The Reserve also features a dual-humbucker setup, a stop tailpiece with bridge, two volumes, two tone controls, three-way switch, hardwood body, maple top, rosewood fingerboard, a maple set-in neck and a 24 ¾” scale.

Optional finishes include brown maple, glossy black, blueburst and cherry sunburst.

Zarley Wide Neck Guitars was founded by Tracy Todd -- a guy with big hands. He started out playing off-the-shelf guitars, but his hands and fingers created issues with muted strings. After a while, he realized he represented a segment of the guitar market that wasn't being addressed, so he came up with a design of his own.

The company points out that the wide neck might be helpful to beginners, too, since the wider string spacing has shown to make learning a little easier for those first starting out.

MSRP: $798
Factory Direct Price: $399

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