Zero to '60s in Five Pedals: Five Modern Effects that Conjure Far-Out, Vintage Tones



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I have the Vox model V 846 Hand Wired wah wah pedal and from being the owner of an original 1967 Vox Clyde McCoy Signature wah,I can say without a doubt that the V846 HW wah comes closer than any other wah wah pedal that I've heard yet to nailing the original Clyde McCoy tone exactly.The new HW pedal has the same feel with pedal travel and the taper and response of the potentiometer is identical to that of the Clyde,so much so that I ordered the potentiometer from the V 846 HW to replace the worn out pot in my old Clyde McCoy pedal and the result was that the old pedal still kept the same tone and response.The true test of the V 846 HW is by using it to do Hendrix covers and this is where it shines.When I plugged in my new pedal for the first time I immediately played the intro to "Voodoo Child (slight return)" and suddenly got goosebumps the size of oranges because along with my Strat, 1970 Rams Head Big Muff Pi and old JCM 800,2204 stack, I was able to nail the exact tone spot on.The pedal has the proper wide ranging tonal response to accurately cover "The Star Spangled Banner" too.This is the quintessential wah wah pedal if you want to accurately cover that coveted Jimi Hendrix,SRV,Ritchie Blackmore,Robin Trower wah wah tone or if you are reluctant to invest the $1,000 + for an original Vox Clyde McCoy wah wah pedal.



If you don't have an amp with reverb, what's the best way to get a good 60s vibe with a reverb pedal? Something that will emulate Jorma Kaukonen of the Jefferson Airplane. Any ideas?



The other problem with Fuzz Faces back in the day was inconsistent quality. Some sounded great many more were just totally horrible. Hendrix used to "audition" them by the box load to find those precious few that worked to his satisfaction. That's why it's a real crap-shoot buying one used. The most likely outcome is it will not sound very good and you'll wonder why anyone used them. The other alternative is to cop one and have Analogman or somebody else make sure you've got top-notch transistors. I haven't tried one of the new ones described here but I imagine QC is better - especially for $200+.

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