ZZYZX Snap Jack Cables



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this guy frankpuchecko is spot on his review i have one and 3 girls who run around my rig love this cables.but I'm looking for more stuff from the company but i think there done been looking for stuff from them on line,e-bay there's not a lot left.what i seen on youtube that they made a snap jack midi. want one..bad



I bought these and thought that it would be good to keep at home near my gear, as my kids have ran through and tripped on one of the cables in the garage (my studio-LOL)- anyways, ive had to have many amps and guitars repaired before, but after having the snap jacks for only about two days or so, the kids were playing and ran through and my youngest ran right through the chord and my guitar didnt even fall out of the satnd....oh my kid didnt fall either...LOL....after playing them for a few more days, i fell in love with the convenience of the whole design and sound...i just ordered half dozen more, just to have around. long story short.....snapjacks really work, and sound amazing. brilliant invention.

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