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Announcing the Songwriter Spotlight Competition

Here at Acoustic Nation, we’re all about shining a spotlight on great, up-and-coming songwriters worthy of attention. That’s why we’re proud to partner with our friends at SongTownUSA, West Coast Songwriters, and Los Angeles Women in Music to bring you the Acoustic Nation Songwriter Spotlight Competition.

This contest is open to members of these organizations only. Not a member? Well, we highly encourage you to check out one of these groups for yourself. Each one provides advice, tips and a thriving community for musicians and songwriters. If you’re looking to sharpen your skills and make connections, this is the place to be.

Every month we'll be spotlighting one or more folks from these great organizations that have proven worthy of mention! So guess what that means? You can enter every time you write another great song and we'll keep posting as long as we find songs we love.

So, have a special song in mind? Enter into the competition for a chance at some serious exposure. Those selected will receive a spotlight write-up right here on, which will include a photo, video or audio embed, plus links to your site.

Here’s some fine print. Your songwriter’s membership selection will be verified, and by applying for the Acoustic Nation Spotlight, you consent to have your music and likeness shared on as well as our affiliated sites and social media. You must provide us with a photo if you are selected.

OK. Ready to enter? Click here>>

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