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Carly Simon Announces Expanded Re-Release of ‘The Bedroom Tapes - Special Edition’

With an iconic career spanning over four decades, touching on film, fashion, literature and popular music, Carly Simon continues to expand upon her already prodigious legacy.

Simon is set to re-release The Bedroom Tapes - Special Edition through her own boutique label C‘EST Music (Pronounced “Say”) in conjunction with CARLY SIMON VINTAGE.

CARLY SIMON VINTAGE is a lifestyle brand that will connect fans, music lovers, and fellow artists to her expansive legacy in a unique and intimate way.

Through her web-store and other exciting partnerships, the vintage brand will bring a selection of new, vintage, hand-crafted and one of kinds items, as well as limited and expanded releases of classic albums to the public, all curated by Simon herself.

Originally released in 2000 through Arista and then unavailable shortly after it’s initial release, Simon is now making The Bedroom Tapes available to her fans with the addition of two rare bonus tracks “Grandmother’s House” and “When Manhattan Was a Maiden.”

The initial title of the collection was called “When Manhattan Was A Maiden” because of the many Manhattan references, but when the title song (“When Manhattan Was A Maiden”) was eventually left off the original CD along with several other tracks, the Manhattan reference was diluted.

The true thematic glue that remained was that the greater part of the recordings were made in the bedroom. There are still overtones of New York City, as in “Cross The River,” “Whatever Became of Her,” “So Many Stars,” and “In Honor of You (George),” and now the inclusion of “When Manhattan Was A Maiden” brings some of that back.

Watch Simon talk about the album:

In 1998, during Carly’s last winter living on Central Park West in New York, it was a musical letter to George Gershwin in the form of “In Honor Of You (George)” that broke a years long writing slump and brought Carly back to thinking that perhaps she had something to say. This is also the first and only time that the Gershwin estate ever allowed a co-write with another writer.

Returning to Martha’s Vineyard, Carly moved her studio into her daughter Sally’s old bedroom which soon became littered with scraps of lyrics, phone messages, dried up pilot pens, past-the-pale tea mugs, and an accumulation of crispy moths from last summer. It created an atmosphere that allowed Carly to make sounds that she liked, not thinking in an orthodox way. Carly said she “never quite had that much fun. It was like playing with dolls”. Nearly 17 years later the songs sound as fresh and inspired as ever.

“The fun part of those long nights was that there was no danger of anyone hearing me. I could fail over and over. I could try anything and ask whoever came by the next day to guess whether it was a hair brush brushing against a strand of pearls or the sound of a bee buzzing against the corner of an old copy of Joseph Conrad's The Secret Sharer. The world of what was available and what could emanate from my throat or my hands was what I relied upon, and had true fun with.” – Carly

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The Bedroom Tapes - Special Edition Track list:

  • 1. Our Affair
  • 2. So Many Stars
  • 3. Big Dumb Guy
  • 4. Scar
  • 5. Cross The River
  • 6. I Forget
  • 7. Actress
  • 8. I'm Really The Kind
  • 9. We Your Dearest Friends
  • 10. Whatever Became Of Her
  • 11. In Honor Of You (George)
  • 12. Grandmother's House
  • 13. When Manhattan Was A Maiden
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