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Kelly Zullo's "When We Get There" — Video Premiere

Check out this sick acoustic guitar assault by Kelly Zullo.

It’s the song “When We Get There” from the upcoming January 2015 release.

Here Zullo uses some speedy finger work and hard hitting right hand technique while she sings at the same time. It’s kinda like tapping you head and rubbing your belly on fast forward.

But she makes it look easy.

Zullo shares these thoughts about the song, “Its perspective is based on how we are always striving to either get to our goals, heaven, hell (?) or someplace that will be the reward for our work and development. Essentially, however, we may get there and actually be ‘nowhere.’ Or greater yet, find that this is ‘there.’ It’s meant to convey our yearning for something more solid and stable, over a speedy and complex guitar riff, which is normally the pace of our lives. The verse is a blues meets bluegrass riff and the chorus is a percussive arpeggio of the chords.”

Check it out here:

Recorded at Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza & Live Music in Columbus, OH on August 26, 2014, Kelly Zullo & The Phunkgrass’ live and honest CD features real time musicianship and crowd rapport. The high energy acoustic guitar stylings of Zullo, violin of Kristen Peters and upright bass contributions of Daniel DeSantis make up the trio formed in Columbus, OH.

Their energetic performance fuses a fast acoustic funk approach to guitar with the purity of what is traditionally a bluegrass accompaniment. The award winning song “Firecracker” is performed with Columbus mega-guitarist Jim Volk.

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