Ten More Easy Acoustic Guitar Love Songs

Ah, the love song.

So much yearning and light in just a few words and chords.

Here are ten songs to croon to your special someone after just a few run throughs.

They're ten easy acoustic songs that you can learn in a snap.

Check 'em out. Some include simplified chords that still sound great!

“Stay With Me” — Sam Smith

One of the most gorgeous songs of all time.

“Stay With Me” helped catapult Smith to stardom. From his 2014 album In The Lonely Hour this heartfelt song is easy to learn!

"Stay with Me" won two Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year and now it’s time to make it your own.

Try it for yourself!

  • Chords in this song:
  • Verse: Am, F, C, F, Dm, C
  • Chorus: Am, F, C

Here’s a really lovely acoustic cover by Hannah Trigwell:

“Waiting For You” — Ben Harper

From his 2006 album Both Sides of the Gun, Ben Harper lays down a beautiful, simple truth.

“I keep hearing your name
Nothing else sounds the same
As hearing your name”

Chords used in this song:
Verse: G, Em, G, Em, F, C, G, C
Chorus: D, C, G

“Friday I’m in Love” — The Cure

"Friday I'm in Love" is a song and a worldwide hit by British rock band The Cure.

It’s the second single taken from their 1992 album Wish.

It’s rumored that during the writing process, Robert Smith became convinced that he had inadvertently stolen the chord progression from somewhere, and this led him to a state of paranoia where he called everyone he could think of and played the song for them, asking if they heard it before. None of them had, and Robert realized that the melody was indeed his!

Phew because we like it just the way it is!

The track is the main theme song used in the 2009 film He's Just Not That Into You.

Chords in this song:
Verse: D,G, D, A, Bm, G, D, A
Chorus: D, A, Bm, G, D, A

“Faithfully" — Journey

Here’s a real classic that spans generations.

"Faithfully" is Journey’s second single from their album Frontiers recorded in 1982. A power ballad, it was written by Jonathan Cain.

It peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving the band their second consecutive top twenty hit from Frontiers.

This anthem of love and a music man strikes just the right chords, both figuratively and literally!!

While the song was relatively successful on the charts, it has gone on to become one of their most recognizable songs, and has enjoyed lasting popularity.

Here's an easy version of the chords in this song:
verse C Am F G
chorus F Am C G
Hook Dm F C

“Baby I Love Your Way” - Peter Frampton

This song always makes me think of summer.

It’s the classic Frampton tune that was released in September 1975 and was first featured on Frampton's 1975 album, Frampton.

A live version of the song was later released on his 1976 multi-platinum album Frampton Comes Alive!

Chords in this song:
verse: G, Bm, Em, C, F7
Pre-chorus: Bm, E7, Am, D7
Chorus: G, D, Am

Here’s Frampton performing this song live in studio. Gotta love it!

“Bubbly” – Colbie Caillat

Here’s a super easy song that starts in my toes.

It’s “Bubbly” by the wonderful Colbie Caillat. This song was her first hit back in 2007 from her album Coco.

Written by Caillat and Jason Reeves it sits on top of a repeating chordal pattern that continues through the song.

Chords in this song:
Verse and Chorus: A, E, D, A
Bridge: A, D, E Bm, A

Here’s the lovely Caillat playing this song acoustically:

”Say You Love Me” — Jessie Ware

This gorgeous song pleads for confirmation of love.

It’s sadly lovely.

A co-write with Ed Sheeran, it appear’s on Ware’s Tough Love album, which released in 2014.

Chords in this song:
Verse: G, C, G, C, G
Chorus: C, D, Em
Bridge and "Won't You Stay" line: G, D, C

“Love Me Like You Do” — Ellie Goulding

Here’s an easy to play hit that is on the radio right now.

"Love Me Like You Do" was recorded by British artist Ellie Goulding for the soundtrack to the 2015 film Fifty Shades of Grey.

It’s sensual theme and easy to play progression lend to a nice acoustic version…your own!

Chords in this song:
Capo 1 and play:
Verse: G, D, Em, C, D, Em
Chorus: G, Bm, Em, C, Am, Em, D

Here’s a lovely acoustic cover of this song by Nicole Cross:

”Your Song” — Elton John

Elton John and Bernie Taupin really hit the nail on the head with this one.

So lovely. Such a wonderful thought.

Written in 1970 from the album Elton John. Numerous artists have covered it included the aforementioned Ellie Goulding.

It lends itself to a lovely acoustic love song.

Chords in this song:
A simple version for guitar
Verse: D, G, A, F#m, Bm, Bm/A, Bm/Ab, G
D, A, F#, Bm, D, Em7, G, A

Chorus: A, Bm, Em7, G
Bm, Bm/A, Bm/Ab, G, D, Em, G, A

Here’s a nice tutorial video:

”She’s Got A Way” - Billy Joel

Here’s a beautiful song by the master, Bill Joel.

“She’s Got A Way” has a lovely lyrical idea. “She’s got a way about her. I don’t know what it is, but I know that I can’t live with out.”

Isn’t that they way love goes?

The song was originally on the 1971 album Cold Spring Harbor. Joel has said he thinks it’s kind of corny. What do you think?

Chords in this song:
Verse: G, D, Em, G7, C, D, C, D, Gm, Csus4, G
Bridge: D, Am, G, Gm, D, F#7, Bm, D7

Here's a cool video of Natalie Maines covering this classic.