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Metallica's "One" on One Guitar: See How It Was Done

Back in the spring, multi-instrumentalist Rob Scallon made waves when he posted a viral video called "Metallica's 'One' Played in One Guitar."

That video, which you can see at the very bottom of this story (and in the inset of the top video), showed nothing but Scallon's signature eight-string Chapman guitar—set against a black background—being played by three mysterious sets of hands.

A bit more recently, Scallon posted the "wide shot" version of the video, which shows exactly how the clip was shot, not to mention who is playing the Chapman. In the top video, in addition to Scallon (far right), we see's Joe Shadid playing the lead lines and Jeff Linville playing some tasty one-finger bass. We also see that the black background is a combination of the guitarists' black shirts and a wall of black instrument cases. We're not sure which version is more engaging. Take your pick!

For more of Scallon's videos, follow him on YouTube.