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Watch James Hetfield Play New Metallica Riffs in the Studio — Video

In case you haven't noticed, Metallica recently redesigned their website.

To celebrate the revamped site, Metallica's Lars Ulrich created a brief video that offers a quick look at the band's recording sessions.

After a whole lot of Lars, frontman James Hetfield can be seen in the studio playing what calls "a few crushingly heavy riffs." This happens around the two-minute mark in the video, which you can check out.

When Ulrich exits the studio, Hetfield plays some doomy stuff to a previously recorded track of Ulrich's drums.

As we've reported, Metallica have been working on new songs since at least last year, when they debuted "Lords of Summer."

In other Metallica news, the group has announced it will play a show in San Francisco a day before the Super Bowl. The gig, titled "The Night Before," will take place February 6. Cage the Elephant will open.